Andrew Ling (Ponytail) -Pickleball


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Cobra 2G 

Pickleball Club: 

Marhkam Pickleball Club - Ontario


BRONZE - Mixed Doubles

> 2019 Canadian Pickleball Nationals - Kingston ON

SILVER - Men's 4.0 70+

> 2019 London Pickleball Club Inc. Tournament, May 2019

GOLD - Men's OPEN 70+

SILVER - Mixed OPEN 70+

> Minto U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, April 2019


I played competitive tennis for over 30 years before a good friend introduce me to Pickleball, 8 years experience in pickleball as a competitive player and a coach.  I have played many competition across Canada and Florida.  An ambassador for the growth of pickleball through the Markham In Motion Program, we introduced pickleball to students and teachers in the York Region District School Boards and York Region Catholic District School Boards.  I have a passion for the sport and enjoy it immensely 

Angela Weld


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Cobra 2G & Matrix 2G 

Pickleball Club: 

East Coast Pickleball Club


GOLD - Women’s Doubles 4.0 50+

BRONZE - Mixed  4.0 55+

BRONZE - Women’s Singles 3.5 19+

> Canadian Nationals, June 2019 Kingston, ON

GOLD - Women’s Doubles 55+

SILVER - Women’s Singles Open

> Atlantics, June 2019 Fredericton, New Brunswick

GOLD - Mixed 55+

SILVER - Women’s Doubles 55+

SILVER - Women’s Singles Open

> Nova Scotia Provincials, May 2019, Antigonish, NS


Hello. I’m Angela Weld from Bedford, Nova Scotia.  

I’ve played many sports over the years and coached and refereed basketball since high school. Pickleball is now my Bread n Butter. I am the Membership Chair on the Pickleball Nova Scotia Board, and I love to see our membership numbers rise as our sport is becoming so popular.  

I  play in tournaments and also love to play pickleball with my family. I’ve introduced my husband and children to pickleball as well as my 80 year old parents. My old paddles go to good use as I get more and more family hooked. I’ll be hanging onto my new MATRIX for a while though, I LOVE IT!!!  

I plan on playing as many tournaments as possible and plan on becoming a certified referee. It seems like a great way to travel and meet people including my new Manta teammates.

Brayden Latray


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2016

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 "Lite" 

Pickleball Club: 


GOLD - Mixed 4.5

GOLD - Men's Doubles 4.5 

> Byrne Creek Pickleball Tournament, March 2019 


I first started pickleball when I was about 8 I instantly fell in love with the sport and had to keep playing. In my first national tournament at age 9 my friend samual and I were registered in the junior category and ended up in 3rd place. Having such a fun tournament with such good results really started my passion for this amazing sport. I have been supported through this adventure by so many people I can’t thank them all. I feel like I definetly owe a huge thanks to Gene Latray for always supporting me in every tournament I do he always tries his best to be there. I also owe a huge thanks to the Manta Pro Team. Elya Postma and Charles Neufeldt, they have been sponsoring me for almost 3 years now and they have supplied me with everything my pickleball career has ever needed. From paddles and balls to shoes and shirts. Im super proud of how far I have come in this sport and as I continue to play it my love for the sport only grows. I will keep reaching for my goals and will continue to climb the ladder to the top of the game. 

Chris Cheverie


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 2G

Pickleball Club: OPA (Ottawa Pickleball Association


GOLD -Men's Open Doubles 

> Wakefield Open Pickleball Tournament, January 19, 2019

SILVER - Men's 3.5 Doubles

> OPA Member Madness, Dec 9, 2018


I have been playing Pickleball for 5 years now and loving it more and more each day.  My background is squash and tennis but I’m all Pickleball now.  I enjoy travelling with my wife Karen and friends to the Caribbean and playing Pickleball everywhere in the Caribbean sun.  My wife and I play Pickleball about 6 times a week and I enjoy teaching beginners this fantastic game.  I have been using Manta Pickleball paddles for a couple of years and recommend them to all.  See you all on the courts, over the net or around the post.

Elya Postma


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Pickleball Since 2014

Paddles: Extreme Point 5. (2G) - Pink


GOLD - Ladies Doubles 4.0 19+ 

> Southern Utah Pickleball Shootout, St George March 28-31 2018  


I have been playing pickleball since 2014 and have completely fallen in love with the game. I am involved with promoting pickleball through the Manta Pro Team and traveling the world to introduce pickleball to new countries/ communities/ resorts etc. My goal is to become fully certified by the IPTPA and continue to travel the world to play/promote pickleball and Manta!

Erin Fitzpatrick


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 (2G) - Gold

Pickleball Club:

Ottawa Pickleball Association (OPA)
Manotick Pickleball Club (MRC)


BRONZE - Ladies 4.0 Doubles 

> July 2019 Eastern Canada Sports Championships  

BRONZE - Ladies 4.0 Doubles

> OPA Pickleball Member Madness, Dec 9, 2018


I grew up playing tennis, badminton, squash.  I took up pickleball about 4 years and love the sport.  I have recently retired and spend a lot of my time helping others enjoy pickleball. I am one of the founding members of the only dedicated pickleball courts in Ottawa, the Manotick Racquet Club.

Gaston Renault


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Nexus 2G  

Pickleball Club: 

East Coast Pickleball and City of Lakes Pickleball


GOLD - Men's 3.5 50+ 

> Pickleball Canada 2019 Canadian National Pickleball Tournament, June 27-30, Kingston ON

SILVER – 3.5 Mixed 50+

SILVER – 3.5 Men’s Singles 50+

> Pickleball Nova Scotia 2019 Provincial Championships, May 25 - 26 , Antigonish NS


I have been playing pickleball for nearly 2 years.  It is such an amazing sport combining table tennis, tennis and badminton!  I am proud to be an ambassador promoting safe play while challenging players to “hit each shot with purpose”.   

I played in my first Nationals this year - LOVE my Manta Nexus 2G paddle!  I started softening my shots these past few months and the results are life-changing for me.  I am striving to be a strong 4.0 now that I see the light! 

I have my Level I IPTPA Certification and I am enjoy giving clinics and private lessons.  I will pursue my Level II Certification in the future as I approach my retirement.

Ian Miller


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point 5 (2G) 

Pickleball Clubs:
> Parkland Pickleheads, Spruce Grove AB

> The Paddle Room, Edmonton AB


SILVER - Men's 4.0 Doubles

> Sherwood Park - July 20, 2018

SILVER - Mixed 4.0 

> Red Deer - August 12, 2018

SILVER - Mixed 4.0 

> Spruce Grove Alberta Pickleball Provincials - August 18, 2018

SILVER - Men's 4.0 + 

> Westlock Fall Back - November 03, 2018

SILVER - Men's 4.0 

GOLD - Mixed 4.0

>  Edmonton Sport Winter Classic at Royal Glenora -  December 29-30, 2018


My name is Ian Miller. I was born in B.C. in 1984.  I moved to Edmonton in August 2006. I am self-employed installing Vinyl Siding.  I have three wonderful children Mayson 10, Mikaela 8, and Marx 2 and my beautiful wife Kimberly.

I was first introduced to Pickleball by my Dad.  He had told me about the sport and he thought I would love it. He brought a couple paddles over at the beginning of May 2016.  We pulled up some of the basics of the game on YouTube, then we went and played  a couple games of singles.  He went home to Vancouver and I was very interested in Pickleball. I found the Parkland Pickleheads Pickleball club on the internet. They offered free beginners lessons. I brought my father in-law with me as his lives in Spruce  Grove. We both played as much as we could that summer.  I played my first sanctioned tournament at 3.0 in September 2016.  My mixed partner Pamela Boutin and I won Gold.  I was absolutely hooked and wanted to play any chance I got.  I have attended as many  tournaments as possible and play regularly twice a week.  Pickleball has brought back my competitive spirit. I hope to continue to play competitively for many years.  My goals are to work very hard to hone my skills and improve my UTPR.  I will continue to  share my love of the sport with anyone and everyone.

Lisa Smith


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 2G - (Pink)

Club: Ottawa Pickleball Association 


GOLD - Ladies 4.0 Doubles 

> Ottawa Members Madness - Dec 10, 2018


I have enjoyed playing pickleball for 5 years now but only seriously in the last 2 years where I started entering tournaments.  I was one of the original Ottawa players and have watched it grow to its 300+ members now.  I hope to continue to grow and play a higher level and eventually retire playing pickleball in a warmer climate year round.  

Luc Germain


Manta Pro Team

Since 2018

Paddle: Cobra 2G - (Canada Red)

Club: Ottawa Pickleball Association (OPA)


GOLD - Doubles 4.0

> Ottawa Pickleball Members’ Madness Tournament , December 3, 2018

BRONZE - 4.5 Mixed Doubles

> Tournois annuel de Magog, October 7, 2018

SILVER - 4.0 Doubles 

> Sun City Mesquite Pickleball Club Third Annual Round Robin Fall Classic October 24, 2018


Now that I've recently retired, I aspire to travel to play and teach pickleball for a long time and I want to bring my game to the next level. 

Mike Cooper


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Pickleball since 2014

Paddles: Extreme Point .5 2G & Cobra 2G

Sport Club: Parkland Pickleheads, Spruce Grove AB


SILVER - Men’s Singles 5.0 60-64 A 

>  Huntsmen World Sport Senior Championships - St George UT

GOLD -  Men’s Doubles 5.0 50+ 

BRONZE - Men’s Doubles 5.0 

>  Eastern Canadian Pickleball Championships 

SILVER - Men’s doubles 5.0 

>  Red Deer Open 

BRONZE -  Men's Doubles 5.0 60+

> Fun in the Sun 


Hi there my name is Mike Cooper and I am a retired educator. I discovered pickleball while on vacation in Arizona…and now I am totally addicted!! At my first Canadian Nationals in 2014 while using the Manta Destiny Pro 4G paddle, I won a gold in 4.0 singles and silver in men’s doubles. After that I approached Manta about becoming part of their team. Since then I have moved up to 5.0 in 2017 and am using the Cobra and Extreme .5. I love these paddles great control and power! 

Besides playing pickleball, I also teach and coach pickleball across the province of Alberta and throughout Canada. I think it is important to also give back to the sport so have volunteered with Pickleball Canada as Tournament Director, Director with Pickleball Alberta, Vice President Parkland Pickleheads, Tournament Director Alberta Provincial Championships/Summer Smash and recently joined the International Pickleball Teachers Professional Association (IPTPA) as a Director and Master Teacher. Yup life is good and pickleball is growing fast in Alberta and across Canada. I am looking forward to my new position as Sponsorship Coordinator for Manta…the best pickleball company in Canada with the best paddles!!

Pamela Boutin


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Pickleball since 2017

Paddles: Fleur De Lis 4G  & Extreme Point .5 2G 

Sport Clubs: 

Parkland Pickleheads, Spruce Grove AB

The Paddle Room, Edmonton AB


GOLD - 4.0+ Women's Doubles

>  The Paddles Room Jan Tournament - January 20, 2019 – St. Albert, AB 

GOLD - 4.0+ Women's Doubles

GOLD - 4.0+ Mixed Doubles

>  Winter Pickleball Classic at Royal Glenora -  December 27-29, 2018 – Edmonton, AB 

GOLD - 4.0+ Women's Doubles

SILVER - 4.0+ Mixed Doubles

>  The Paddle Room -  December 16, 2018

GOLD - 4.0+ Women's Doubles

> Westlock Fall Back -  November 3, 2018 – Westlock, AB

GOLD - 3.5 Women's Doubles 

SILVER - 4.0 Mixed Doubles 

> Alberta Provincials -  August 17-19, 2018

GOLD - 3.5 Women's Doubles

SILVER - 4.0 Mixed Doubles

> Red Deer Open -  August 10-12, 2018 

BRONZE - 3.5 Women's Doubles

> Sherwood Park Open,  July 20, 2018 – Sherwood Park, AB 


I discovered pickleball while in Mesa, AZ in 2015. I couldn’t understand the game and the score made no sense. Just the sound of the game early every morning drove me crazy. I was intrigued so, back home I took some lessons, even dragging my husband along. I instantly loved the game and quickly became addicted as it perfectly combined my love of sport and my competitive spirit. I have been playing since the spring of 2016 and, since winning a 3.0 silver medal in my very first tournament that summer, I have never looked back. Now when I venture back to Mesa and hear that familiar sound, instead of covering my ears, I grab my favourite Manta paddle and head out to the courts yelling “don’t start without me!!”

In 2018 I volunteered with the Parkland Pickleheads “Mentoring” program. In the fall I obtained my IPTPA Level 1 Certification and currently teach pickleball at the Trans-Alta Tri-Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove – a local multi-use facility. I also teach lessons and assist with programs at The Paddle Room in St. Albert – an awesomepickleball only dedicated indoor facility. My goal for 2019 is to improve my game; to participate inmany tournaments; and to pursue my Level 2 IPTPA Certification so I can continue to share my passion for pickleball with new players and ensure they have the basics they need as they begin their journey into the wild and wonderful world of the fastest growing sport in North America.

Randy Aslin


Manta Pro Team

Since 2017

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 2G - Custom


Edson Pickleball Club, Edson AB

Parkland Pickleheads, Spruce Grove AB


SILVER - Men’s doubles 3.5

> Edmonton AB Pickleball Club 2018 Winter Classic

BRONZE - Mixed doubles 3.5

> Alberta Provincial Championship Summer Smash 2018, Spruce Grove AB

GOLD - Men’s Singles 3.0

SILVER - Mixed doubles 3.0

> Alberta Provincial Championship September smash 2017, Spruce Grove AB

SILVER - Men's Singles 3.0

GOLD - Mixed doubles 3.0

> Red Deer AB open , August 11-13 2017


I was introduced to pickleball from my in-laws in 2014. As soon as I played, I was hooked! I joined the Edson Pickleball club and haven’t looked back. As a mentor in our club, I have had the opportunity to introduce the game to both adults and youth in our  community. I love challenging and encouraging everyone to improve their games. Pickleball has allowed me to meet lots of new people and form phenomenal friendships. My upcoming goals is to improve my rating and skill.

Randy Hewlett


Manta Pro Team

Since 2019

Paddle: Cobra 2G - Canada Red


Ottawa Pickleball Association, Ontario

East Naples Community Park, Florida 


GOLD - Gold Men's Doubles 4.0 Age 16+ 

GOLD - Gold Mixed Doubles 4.0 Age 16+

> PB Sport Pickleball Tournament, Magog QC, March 2019

SILVER - Men's Doubles 50+

> Limestone Classic, Kingston ON, February 2019


I played competitive sports throughout my entire life, including racquetball and squash. I started playing pickleball 3 years ago and fell in love with the game. I started playing tournaments about 2 years ago and with a little bit of success realized that my competitive drive never went away!! My game has grown since then with success at a higher level. While I am always looking for ways to improve my game and become more competitive, I also appreciate the sense of community that surrounds the game of pickleball. I am a proud member and volunteer with the Ottawa Pickleball Association, a strong and growing organization that provides lots of opportunity for play and skills development in the Ottawa Region. 

Rich Thul


Manta Pro Team

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 2G - (Blue)


High River Pickleball Club, High River AB

Calgary Pickleball Club , Calgary AB

Red Deer Pickleball Club, Red Deer AB


BRONZE - Men’s Singles 3.0 (55-59)

> Huntsman Pickleball Senior Games, St George UT, October 2018

GOLD - Men's Singles 3.0

> Red Deer Open, Red Deer AB, August 2018

GOLD - Men's Doubles 3.5  50+

> Show Down in the Hat, Medicine Hat AB, July 2018

BRONZE - Men's Doubles 3.5

BRONZE - Mixed Doubles 3.5

> USAPA Mountain Regional Sport Tournament, April 2018, St George UT


In 2012 I broke my leg in Mexico, I had 14 breaks from the knee down to the toes( hence the socks ) As I was in recovery, I saw a clip on Global News about pickleball, I asked for a paddle for Christmas that year, in the fall of 2014 played my first game of pickleball in Gull Lake, Alberta. Since then I have completed my level 2 IPTPA coaching and enjoy giving back to pickleball through traching.


My favorite is  competing in outdoor tournaments, and hanging with my wife ( Kay) meeting so many nice people on and off the pickleball courts. My long term goal is to medal out in singles at 80.

Rose Sawatzky


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Pickball since 2017

Paddles: Extreme Point .5 2G - (Red)

Sport Club: 


GOLD - 3.5 35-50 Mixed Doubles

> Margaretville USA

GOLD - 4.0 19+ Doubles

GOLD - 4.0 19+ Mixed Doubles

> Grand Forks, MN

GOLD - 4.0 19+ Doubles

> Saskatoon Provincial Tournament 

GOLD - 4.0 19+ Doubles

SILVER - 4.0 19+ Mixed Doubles

> Southern Utah Pickleball Shootout, St George March 28-31, 2018

GOLD - 4.0  19+ Doubles

GOLD - 4.0 19+ Mixed Doubles

> Pickleball Manitoba Tournament, Beausejour MB


I was bitten by the “Pickle Ball Bug” two years ago on a rainy day while on vacation.  I came home to find Pickle Ball well and thriving in my local community. Pretty soon, I was playing every chance I could and rapidly gained experience and improved my technique through countless hours of practice and drills.   

Over the past year (2018), I have worked hard to become a Level 1 IPTPA Instructor and have been invited to hold Pickleball clinics locally, and in neighbouring provinces. I love the enthusiasm I see in people’s eyes when they grasp the concept of the game and embrace it as their new hobby.  Not only is the sport a good workout but the social aspect is something I look forward to as well.  Wherever I go, I meet people who are so pumped about the game.



Manta Pro Team - Pickleball



My name is Sammy and I am 16 years old. I am from the Chicago Suburbs.   I am a rated 4.0 pickleball player. I started pickleball a-little under a year ago and fell in  love. I try to play 5-6 times a week for 4-5 hours each time. I am trying so hard to expand the pickleball game to the younger community like myself. Every time I play it gets more fun and I feel I get better every time. Not only is the game addicting, but  the people are so nice.  I have made amazing relationships with so many people and always love to meet new people. I have big plans for pickleball in my future to play in big tournaments and to travel as I now feel more ready than ever to play in my  first  tournament in a few weeks. I fell in love with Manta’s point .5 paddle 3 months ago and haven’t switched since. I am so happy I can be working with Manta and there amazing team. 

See you all at the courts 

Terry Trueman


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 2G - (Red)

Club: Brampton Seniors Center


GOLD - Men's Doubles

> 2018 ONIX Smash for Cash, December 2018

SILVER - Men's Doubles

> 2018 Ontario 55+ Games Men’s Doubles, August 2018

GOLD - Men’s Doubles 55-59

GOLD - Mixed Doubles 55-59

> 2018 Canada 55+ Games


Hi, my name is Terry Trueman and I live in Brampton Ontario.    I started playing pickleball in 2016 and immediately loved the sport.

I play as much as I can and have been known to travel to Kitchener Waterloo, Milton, Markham and Grand Island NY to find good competitive pickleball. I also enjoy tennis, golf, fishing, skiing and playing with my grandchildren.    

I want to  get into pickleball training and coaching.

Hope to see you on the courts!

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