Rental Information

Fees & Requirements

Rental of the Manta Glass Court consists of 4 components:

  •   Rental Fee.
  • Transportation, accommodation, meals and incidentals for the glass Court Engineers and road crew.
  • Court shipping costs (transportation, storage and fuel).
  • The level of involvement of Manta World Sports in the tournament.

1) Rental fees are generally between $15,000.00 and $25,000.00 CAD.

2) Transportation, accommodation, meals and incidentals for 4 or 5 court engineers supplied by Manta World Sport for the duration of the event including setup and take down.

3) Shipping: Transportation and fuel costs can vary greatly. The costs associated with transporting the glass court will depend on where the court is located PRIOR to your event. For example, if the court was in BC (Western Canada) prior to your event, which was also being held out in the West, (for example Calgary), the shipping costs would be far less then if your event was in Boston and the court needed to be shipped out East. The shorter the shipping, the less it will cost to ship.

4) Tournament Sponsorship value can sometimes offset costs. We will deduct an appropriate amount depending on the value determined for tournament sponsorship based on the following:

  • Will Manta be recognized as a Major Sponsor or Title Sponsor?
  • Will Manta be given advertising space (For tournament and court, signage or in promotional material given out to players and attendees)?
  • Will the tournament supply Manta with event VIP packages? (Seating and access to additional special events)?
  • Will Manta be given trade show space to advertise and sell product throughout event?

Rental Calculation: 1 + 2 + 3 minus 4 = Total Rental Cost


Set Up - Montreal Forum

Watch our team set up the Manta glass show court at the Old Montreal Forum in Montreal QC

2015 Winter Games - Prince George BC

Men's Squash Match on the Manta Glass Show Court 

Quebec vs Alberta

Show court Inquiries

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