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Today, there seems to be a trend among self-rated players(s) of “over-rating”.  Over-rating obviously causes many problems during organized play and clinics offered at designated levels. It affects instructors trying to give everyone the attention they deserve for skills specific to level and to keep organized play fun and balanced for all. 


Many clubs have current “Club Rating” sessions, yet they lack effective and consistent rating standards due to the following:


1. No consistent format for rating sessions 

2. Causes problems within the club due to favoritism or bias both in positive or negative ways. 

3. Volunteer raters often feel pressure and are not able to deliver an accurate rating nor do they want to continue rating due to these issues. This leads to a high volunteer rater turn over. 

4. Inconsistent from one geographical area to another.


Manta professional pickleball instructors have been trained to facilitate “Club Ratings” to help local clubs organize themselves for both instructional clinics and more importantly, club play times!

Any formal rating program your club may adopt would provide a consistent rating for play across North America. Every player rated by a trained Manta Professional Instructor will have a consistent rating assigned to them based on the global scale of player abilities. 

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