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The Manta Pro Team consists of IPTPA Certified Instructors pickleball players that are able to conduct 4 different levels of Clinics in the sport. These clinics can be organized by Manta or the host club. Participants will generally sign up for the clinics through a club contact.

Clinics Offered

Our Professional IPTPA Instructors offer the following 4 clinic types:

  • Learn to Play Clinic (First time players)
  • Level 1 Clinic
  • Level 2 Clinic
  • Level 3 Clinic

Learn to Play Clinics

This clinic is designed for the player who has never played or only played pickleball a handful of times.  Players are introduced to the basic rules of the game, court layout and basic skills from proper grip to correct court movement and how to consistently get the ball over the net. Modified games are introduced.

Level 1 Player - Clinic

The Level 1 Clinic is designed to show players the basic strategy of pickleball starting with the proper grip and the ready position.  Players will then advance to dinking, serve and return and introduction to the 3rd shot drop. Basic rules will be explained. The last part of the Level 1 Clinic introduces 2 modified games that players can use to practice all the drills taught in this 2 hour clinic. 

Level 2 Clinic

The Level 2 Clinic is the advancement from the Level 1 Clinic. Participants / players are required to have completed the Level 1 Clinic in pickleball. Level 2 starts with a review of the grip and ready position. The drills used in Level 2 focus on Dinking, Court Positioning, 3rd Shot Drop, Volleys, Block Volleys and introduction to the lob and overhead smash. More basic and advanced rules will be covered in the sport. The modified games are then re-introduced with the new skills shown. 

Level 3 Clinic

The Level 3 Clinic in a continuation of 1 & 2 with a quick review of the grip and ready position then adding more advanced drills such as Continuous Rally Drills, Overhead Smashes, Offensive Lobs, Punch Volleys and Advanced Modified Games. Technical rules will be explained to the pickleball player and demonstrated. Modified games will be more advanced and technical in the sport.  

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