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International Pickleabll Teaching Professional Association

As the world leader in setting the standards for pickleball instruction, IPTPA recognizes that there are many players, Canadian ambassadors and others who are responsible for introducing the sport of Pickleball to new communities’ worldwide. Many have never taught before and although they have the best intentions most haven’t been trained in how to teach. Many are lower level skilled players, which prevents them from passing the IPTPA skills test and getting fully certified as an IPTPA Teaching Professional. Yet, they love pickleball and helping other players. Perhaps you’re an experienced teacher from another sport but new to pickleball, the IPTPA Teach the Teacher Workshop is for you. 

The IPTPA Teach the Teacher Workshop is your entry to the IPTPA Teaching Curriculum. Our workshop is based on the IPTPA Handbook which outlines the appropriate skills, progressions, strategies etc. for the beginner thru intermediate player as defined by the IPTPA Rating System. Sample lesson plans were developed based on the latest sports theory and a list of appropriate drills to help reinforce each lesson is also included in the handbook. 

IPTPA membership is comprised of the best players and teachers in the world. We are a not-for profit corporation whose mission is to certify and elevate the standards of the Pickleball Teaching Professionals. We exist to serve the pickleball community. Attending an IPTPA Teach the Teacher Workshop, is your assurance that the content you’re may be teaching has the highest seal of approval.


Workshops in Canada are led by Brooke Siver, from Kamloops BC, an IPTPA Master Teaching Professional (MTP). Brooke is an IPTPA Member & Director who has spent years teaching as a teaching professional in the sport of Squash. The 8-hour workshop is divided into classroom and on-court activities and can be delivered over a one day clinic or over two days. A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 participants are required to conduct a Teach the Teacher workshop at your club or location. The number of courts require depends on the amount of participants but generally it is 4 per court. Cost per participant is $200.00 CND

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Feb 10, 2019

IPTPA Teach The Teacher Workshop

9am - 6pm

Antigonish, NS Canada

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Feb 10, 2019

IPTPA Teach The Teacher Workshop

Join IPTPA director, Brooke Siver for an 8 hour interactive "Teach the Teacher" workshop. Participants will learn how to instruct pickleball to the beginner level players and gain an overall better understanding of game.

9am - 6pm

Antigonish, NS Canada

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