Liquid Energy

Collaboration Custom Paddles

We are excited to announce our "Collaboration Custom Paddle" line featuring Canadian artists who not only love to create but also love to play the game of Pickleball! 

Our first collaboration is with Calgary artist, Shirley Cabrito who specializes in "Pour Painting". Her beautiful canvas paintings create a unique and colourful pattern that brings our paddles to life!

One Of A Kind

The "Liquid Energy" Limited Collection by Shirley Cabrito images are hand picked by the artist and submitted to Manta as a one-of-a-kind design. We only manufacture one paddle per design, ensuring that our customers are truly getting an limited edition original work of art. 

Paddle Specifications & Features:

Download our Manta Custom Pickleball Paddle Specifications and Features Sheet to learn about each model offered in the "Custom Paddle Program" and "Collaboration Custom Paddle Program" or view below

Manta Pickleball Paddle Specs & Features 2019 (pdf)