Manta Pro Team - Pickleball



My name is Sammy and I am 16 years old. I am from the Chicago Suburbs.   I am a rated 4.0 pickleball player. I started pickleball a-little under a year ago and fell in  love. I try to play 5-6 times a week for 4-5 hours each time. I am trying so hard to expand the pickleball game to the younger community like myself. Every time I play it gets more fun and I feel I get better every time. Not only is the game addicting, but  the people are so nice.  I have made amazing relationships with so many people and always love to meet new people. I have big plans for pickleball in my future to play in big tournaments and to travel as I now feel more ready than ever to play in my  first  tournament in a few weeks. I fell in love with Manta’s point .5 paddle 3 months ago and haven’t switched since. I am so happy I can be working with Manta and there amazing team. 

See you all at the courts 

Terry Trueman


Manta Pro Team - Pickleball

Since 2018

Paddle: Extreme Point .5 2G - (Red)

Club: Brampton Seniors Center


GOLD - Men's Doubles

> 2018 ONIX Smash for Cash, December 2018

SILVER - Men's Doubles

> 2018 Ontario 55+ Games Men’s Doubles, August 2018

GOLD - Men’s Doubles 55-59

GOLD - Mixed Doubles 55-59

> 2018 Canada 55+ Games


Hi, my name is Terry Trueman and I live in Brampton Ontario.    I started playing pickleball in 2016 and immediately loved the sport.

I play as much as I can and have been known to travel to Kitchener Waterloo, Milton, Markham and Grand Island NY to find good competitive pickleball. I also enjoy tennis, golf, fishing, skiing and playing with my grandchildren.    

I want to  get into pickleball training and coaching.

Hope to see you on the courts!